Question: Do you make your own cabinets?
Answer: We continue to make our own cabinets. We feel that by doing so gives great flexibility in fitting a given space with the best possible cabinet design. Over the years we have developed a very efficient process which results in cabinets that will remain durable and attractive over time. All cabinets have full tops and backs. This results in cabinets that are rigid enough to hold the considerable weight of a granite countertop without any further strengthening. 
Question: What are your cabinets constructed of?
Answer: Our standard material is 5/8 maple melamine. We feel that this material provides a good balance of practicality and cost. The melamine surface provides a interior surface that is bright and easy to clean and will outlast paint or varnish.  For those don't like melamine we will also use birch veneer core plywood if asked to do so at a small extra charge. We put a clear finish on all interior surfaces.
Question: Do you make your own doors?
Answer: Short answer is no. We used to make everything, but over time, with greatly increasing labour costs it has become impractical and uneconomical to do so. We have an excellent relationship with a small company that puts as much care and attention into their doors and drawer fronts as we ever did and have many more styles from which to choose.  
Question: How do you make your drawers?
Answer: Our standard drawer construction uses 5/8 maple melamine with a 1/2 in. bottom and full extension Accuride slides. As with our cabinets we have developed an efficient process that results in a strong yet economical drawer body. By keeping to this type of construction you end up with many more drawers at a very reasonable price. We try to fit as many drawers and specialty rollouts as possible in every kitchen.   For those with an aversion to melamine we also will use birch veneer core plywood for drawers with a clear finish if requested . Soft-close full extension drawer slides are also available at a small extra charge    We rarely use solid wood dovetailed drawers as they are an expensive highly over-rated detail. There was a time when they were important to provide the strength necessary to support the weight of a drawer. Modern drawer slides of the type we use have made dovetails unnecessary as the slides themselves bear the weight strain and impact stress placed on a drawer in regular use.
Question: What is the process for getting you to do our kitchen?
Answer: Upon your request we will either ask you to submit your plan to us or we will arrange to visit to your home to get your details. We will then design a kitchen to suit your needs and forward to you the drawing and price. Should you decide to proceed then we will work with you to create a time table for completion. Should you like to see some of our work to see what level of quality we work to then we will set up a visit to a recent project.
Question: Can we see your showroom?
Answer: We have never had a standard showroom. Most of our work comes by word of mouth. That generally means that potential clients have already seen some of our work and know what to expect. This web site also helps answer some questions. 
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